Plugins Daylite 3

MailChimp Plugin

With MailChimp for Daylite you can now send contacts and groups directly from Daylite to MailChimp. The plugin will create a new group within Daylite called [MailChimp Subscriber] to which you can add contacts via drag&drop. With the simple press of a button you can then upload the list to MailChimp and -from there- send a new campaign to your subscribers. Unsubscribers will be removed from the Daylite group automatically.

Learn more | Download You can download the MailChimp Beta here

WebConnector Plugin

Finally: Integrate the Web into Daylite!

WebConnector embeds a context-sensitive Web browser for contacts, organizations, projects, opportunities and groups in Daylite 3. WebConnector is the perfect Daylite companion for …

doing research about your contacts and organizations within Daylite itself
monitor your contacts’ websites, blogs and social media profiles (like on FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, XING)
or check their current address details on the web to keep your Daylite database up-to-date
integrate web-based project-management or collaboration services with a specific project, opportunity or group in Daylite
and much more…


Learn more | Download You can download the WebConnector Beta here

FoneConnector Plugin

All our plugins feature a 14 day trial period.

FoneConnector for Daylite is a new and very flexible inbound telephony solution for Marketcircle‘s Daylite – and works like this:

When you receive a phone call over any of the supported 3rd party telephony solutions* FoneConnector matches the caller‘s telephone number to the appropriate Daylite contact in the actual (open) Daylite database and opens a so called »Call Window«.

Learn more | Download You can download the FoneConnector Beta here

Skype Dialer Plugin

With SkypeDialer you can initialize SkypeOut calls directly from within Daylite. Just by selecting a telephone numer in Daylite and choosing the appropriate action from the call dialogue you can now call anyone, anywhere.

Additional costs and fees for using Skype services may apply.

Learn more | Download You can download the Skype Dialer Beta here

AppleScript Dialer Plugin

Our free AppleScript Dialer Plugin allows you to dial from Daylite through various (scriptable) telephony systems like Skype, PhoneValet, Phlink, SNOM VoIP Phones, AVM Fritz!Box (via Dial!Fritz or fritz.mac Suite), iPhone (via Phone Amego) etc. It’s the perfect companion to FoneConnector!

Learn more | Download You can download the AppleScript Dialer Beta here

Forms Exporter Plugin

Did you know? Although you can store structured information in forms in Daylite – it’s not possible to export the forms data. The forms data is stuck in Daylite and there’s no way out (except for programmers).

With our Forms Exporter plugin it’s finally possible for every Daylite user to extract all that valuable information. Let it be for Excel, Numbers, FileMaker databases etc. for analyzing and importing forms data in other applications or any means of post processing.

Learn more | Download You can download the Forms Exporter Beta here

Other Daylite 3 Plugins

Please note that those plugins are neither provided nor supported by iOSXpert.


Daylite Mail Integration combines the power of Apple Mail with Daylite’s multi-user tools to ensure you have comprehensive, easily accessible, email history.(Included in the Productivity Suite).

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lets you schedule reports for automatic delivery to your inbox – keeping you up to date with the business data that matters most to you.

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MoneyWorks Connector allows you to combine Daylite with the financial and inventory capabilities of MoneyWorks.

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Lets you extend your FileMaker solution with the business management functionality of Daylite.

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Direct Mail Plugin

If you use Daylite you often need to email contacts from your database. You can save lots of time using the Direct Mail plugin. The plugin allows Daylite users to transfer contact information to Direct Mail.

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Max Bulk Mailer Plugin

If you use Daylite you often need to email contacts from your database. You can save lots of time using the MaxBulk Mailer plugin. The plugin allows Daylite users to transfer contact information (first name, last name and email address) to MaxBulk Mailer.

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Dialectic Phone Dialer Plugin

Dialectic is a highly versatile telephony tool that unites your Mac, data, and phones – mobile, landline, & VOIP – enabling you to be more productive. And it’s designed exclusively for Macintosh.

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Daylite Address Book Menu

DayliteABMenu provides quick access to your contacts’ phone numbers, email, postal addresses, and URLs. Selecting a menu item will trigger an appropriate action (copying to the clipboard, creating a new email, dialing the phone or showing an address using any of several online mapping services).

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Growl Notification Plugin

Growl extends Daylite’s notification system providing some great features to help you stay on top of your tasks and appointments.

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Sub Task Timer

This is a great widget for adding functionality to Daylites timer. It allows timed tasks to be grouped. The timer can be started and stopped and each action adds a new timer task. SubTaskTimer.

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Add Birthdays & Anniversaries to the Calendar

A plug-in for Daylite that adds a day event on your contacts’ birthdays, so you can quickly add your friends’, family members’ and associates’ birthdays onto your calendar. Yay!
Note: There are 2 versions – The shortname adds only the first or nickname, the fullname adds the contact’s full name.

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Who Paste Contact Manager

WhoPaste jump starts the Daylite process by creating Contacts and/or Organisations in as little as 3 keystrokes: 1) ‘Copy’ contact data as it is found in any Mac application; 2) invoke WhoPaste with a hot key or context menu; and 3) click ‘Save’.

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Smart List Copier

This application copies Daylite Smart Lists from user to user. This is great for work groups where the smart lists need to be shared across users.

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Unique Project & Opportunity Numbering

This script adds the ability to give projects and opportunities a unique number (pre-defined only).

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Flickr Search

This plugin will add a menu item to the ‘Actions’ Menu. It will allow you to Search Flickr for pictures of Contacts, Organisations or other selected items.

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Daylite ScanSnap Integration

Scanned documents can be stored as chronological history under the relevant object in Daylite, making it fast and easy to access them when needed. Go paperless! ScanSnap integration allows you to scan documents to your Mac, letting you easily link them to projects, contacts, sales opportunities, and more.

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This Widget Allows the display of all addresses for the contact and allows you to get driving directions or maps of the selected contact or organization. A MUST HAVE!

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View the data stored in your extra fields. The widgets displays the data stored in the Extra Fields it also allows the user to edit and update the data if needed.

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The Time Zone HUD displays the timezone for each address a contact has. Great if you have contacts across different time zones.

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