Industry Solutions

Customize Daylite for your industry…


In addition to the standard software solutions we also offer tailor-made solutions for our clients. Those solutions range from custom reports and database structuring to plug-in and connector development.

We have refined some of those enhancements even further and created specialized industry solutions. These industry solutions consist of Daylite databases with predefined categories, keywords and templates as well as custom reports, HUD widgets and even connectors to push/pull to/from external systems like e.g. invoicing software. This gives you a complete organizational concept to deal with the challenges of your industry.

As an example here’re some screenshots of our solution for recruiters:


We have created several HUD widgets that display forms specifically for professional recruiters



We have also developed a new dialogue window so recruiters can quickly view and change a candidate’s status in several projects at once.
Every change is being documented in real time and notes can be added for each individual step.


Every past change in a candidate’s status can be accessed via projects at any given time.