Skype SMS

Skype SMS – Quickstart manual

The Skype SMS plugin allows you to send text-messages directly from Daylite to your contacts.



  • If you don’t have one already: Create a Skype account and download the Skype Client software for Mac OS X.
  • Buy sufficient Skype credit to be able to send text messages. Skype will charge your credit whenever a text message is sent.
  • Close Daylite (if open).
  • Move the provided plugin file »SkypeSMSPluginForDaylite.bundle« into this folder in your Mac OS X’s user account:

/Users/your_user_name/Library/Application Support/Daylite/PlugIns/
  • First start the Skype client on the same Mac as Daylite and log into your Skype account.
  • Then start Daylite. Always take care of this order: First Skype, then Daylite, otherwise Dylite may not successfully connect to Skype for the plugin to work properly.

Hint: Put Skype into your Mac OS X account’s startup objects so that it starts automatically whenever you log in to your Mac.
  • Select some contacts in Daylite that carry a mobile phone number.
  • Select »Actions > Send text message via Skype« from Daylite’s menu
  • 002_actions-send

  • Go to the Preferences pane of the Skype SMS plugin and select the phone label that identifies your contact’s mobile phone numbers

Attention: Please make sure that all your mobile phone numbers are in international format (+country code – phone number, e.g. +49-169-1234567) otherwise your text message might not get send.
  • 003_preferences

  • Change to the »Send Text Message« pane, enter your text message and click »Send«.
  • 004_send-text



    A standard text message is 160 characters long. If your text message is longer, then Skype will send and charge multiple text messages with max. 160 characters each. E.g. a text message with 200 characters will be sent as two text messages: One with 160 characters and one with the remaining 40 characters. On the recipient’s mobile phone (like the iPhone) those 2 text messages will usually be combined into one. Older mobile phones may show two separate text messages though.


The plugin will tell you the amount that Skype will charge from your credit. Click »Yes« to finally send the text messages through Skype
  • Attention: You have to define your own sender’s mobile phone number in your Skype account settings first (see 15. below) so that your recipients can see from whom this text message is sent and to send answers to your mobile phone.Important: If a contact has multiple phone numbers which carry the same selected label for mobile phones (see 8.), then the text message will be sent to all mobile phone numbers of that contact with according costs. To avoid that simply use another label for secondary mobile phone numbers in Daylite like »Mobile extra«.
  • To check and verify how many text messages were sent through Skype, use the Skype client application (not Daylite!) and choose »Account > View Account« from the menu. Make sure you are still logged in into Skype.
  • 006_account

  • Choose »Send SMS« in the window that opens and select »View text message history«
  • 007_send-sms


  • Select to show only SMS and check what’s been sent.
  • 008_history


    Important: Remember to define your own mobile phone number in Skype that is used to identify you as the sender of your text messages. This way your recipients can respond to your messages too via SMS to your mobile phone.Select »Caller ID« in Skype and click on »Set up caller identification«009_caller-id
    Now either select a previously defined number or enter a new one. It’s best to choose a cell phone number that can receive SMS text messages.Disclaimer: This plugin is provided »as is« and is dependent on the running Skype service to function properly. This plugin does not send SMS text messages directly but instead instructs the Skype service to do so. The user needs an individual Skype account. OSXpert Limited gives no guarantee for uninterrupted functionality with Skype, as we have no control of the Skype service. Skype may change the application programming interface and thus disable services for third party applications like this plugin to send text messages. Use at your own risk. Costs will apply for every sent SMS – check with Skype for rates in your country. This plugin is not tested for mass-sending text messages to tens, hundreds or thousands of recipients. The user is solely responsible for his own activities in using this plugin, especially when mass-sending text-messages. Spamming is prohibited and invalidates the license with no refunds given. OSXpert Limited is not liable of any misuse of this plugin through a licensee. © 2010 OSXpert Limited, Germany. All rights reserved.