Perfect CRM-telephony-integration on Macs

FoneConnector for Daylite is a new and very flexible inbound telephony solution for Marketcircle‘s Daylite – and works like this:

When you receive a phone call over any of the supported 3rd party telephony solutions* FoneConnector matches the caller‘s telephone number to the appropriate Daylite contact in the actual (open) Daylite database and opens a so called »Call Window«.


In this Call Window you can track details for the call (duration, notes) and create the usual Daylite elements (Appointments, Tasks, Projects, Opportunities, Notes, even Forms) which are automatically linked to the contact/caller in the Daylite database.

FoneConnector – general architecture

FoneConnector doesn‘t listen directly to your telephone line – it uses an integration with some popular 3rd party telephony systems* instead, which identify the icoming call and send the caller‘s number to FoneConnector to do the rest in Daylite. This way, we are very flexible and can potentially support any telephone device that the 3rd party telephony system* supports by itself.



The connection to 3rd party telephony solutions* is done through FoneConnector Phone Plugins.

At this time we support the following 3rd party telephony solutions by means of our current FoneConnector Phone Plugins and integration scripts:

  • PhoneValet
  • ilink direct with a compatible phone system
  • Dial!Fritz for compatible AVM Fritz!Box devices (SIP/VoIP/ISDN/analogue)
  • SkypeIn (phone number / Online Number)
  • Dialectic (using Notifications / incoming call monitors)
  • STARFACE (SIP/VoIP/ISDN – Asterisk-based solution/appliances) – through the optional Starface Connect inbound/outbound product bundle
  • plus AppleScript (to integrate with other 3rd-party telephony systems – e.g with the iPhone or many more mobile phones)
  • plus Manual Mode (to open the call window manually for selected Contacts or Organizations)

* 3rd party telephony solutions must be obtained/licensed separately and are not included in the FoneConnector distribution. Additional costs apply.